The Community of Artists Diversity of Art's was founded on May 9, 2013. It represents both the diversity of artistic creation (Diversity of Arts) as well as the diversity of the acting artists (Diversity of Artists). The Community of Artists creates art for the joy of art and the enthusiasm of others.


Abstract art

Abstract art is a collective term for artistic movements of the 20th century that come into appearance after 1900.

It uses the visual design tool partly - like Cubism - abstractin from the object, sometimes completely detached from nature and real objects (nonrepresentational art). Works of the first category show abstracted ("focussed", to an essence compressed) objects, characters, spaces. Works of the latter category operate autonomously with visual, artistic means, without any relation to objects. In the spread of photography with its new quality of the representation of nature one may see the reasons for the emergence of abstract art.

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This picture gallery, which will be continuously developed, can only provide a first impression of our work in the area of Abstract art.

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