Torsten Mühlhoff

Photographer, Media expert

Photographer, Media expert

Member since Thursday, May 9, 2013

Knowledge and logic on the one hand and creativity and imagination on the other are not contradictory but a complementary way to untouched perfection.
Torsten Mühlhoff

Good morning,

Admittedly, sometimes I make it a little easy. Easy in assessing things. Either I like them, or they offer - to put it cautiously - potential for optimization. And to arrive at an appropriate (first) opinion, I need no comprehensive explanation of possible conditions or background information that may howsoever relativize my assessment. Sometimes this is certainly a little dangerous, but often is this (first) assessment, which is based primarily on instinct, in retrospect confirmed by rational fathom.

What does this have to do with art and with our artistic community? Well, my first contact with the "art of our community" I had in the context of a vernissage of Isaura Gomes, who presented her artworks with motifs from the history of our city during the opening of the the Local Hero Week in Wetter in the meeting house of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Wetter (Ruhr). In preparation, I had the chance to take a look at the paintings. And there it was, this positive good feeling when viewing the pictures. Beautiful things please and inspire, bring back memories and inspire for new. And thus the contact intensified - initially to Isaura Gomes, and then to the other artists.

But what is really important considering the contact to other artists? Was it the beautiful art that you were so close at one time? Was it the opportunity to fulfill oneselve and to realize own ideas through personal commitment? Was it the warmth and openness with which we dealt with each other? It was probably a bit of everything.

Over time I was - we were - aware that of course art was and is essential, but that art is nothing without honest people behind it. And so the idea was born to establish a Community of Artists that feels obliged to our guidelines.

My main activities in the context of our community of artists are in the areas of photography, organization and the media presentation (for example, development of this website). For more more details about me, please visit my company page by clicking on

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